Practice Based Learning: Opiates in Pediatric Migraine






Presented by Katie Waters MD (PGY1)

Clinical questions:

  • Why not opiates?
  • Other than avoiding the classic undesirable side effects and risk of developing addiction…
  • What are the reasons to avoid this class in migraines specifically?

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Practice Based Learning: Anti-nuclear antibody testing – to test or not to test…




Presented by Taylor Maturo, MD (PGY-2)

Clinical questions:

  • WHEN do we test for ANA and WHOM should we be testing?
  • WHAT exactly is the ANA test? If we do think it’s indicated, what do we order?
  • HOW do we interpret the results?

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Practice Based Learning: Oral vs IV Antibiotics for Post-Discharge Treatment of Acute Osteomyelitis




Presented by Nathan Yarnall MD (PGY2)

Clinical questions:

In patients with acute osteomyelitis:

  • Is there a difference in treatment failure rates between post-discharge PO vs IV antibiotics?
  • Is there a difference in treatment-related adverse outcomes?
  • Is this generalizable to all cases, including severe and chronic osteomyelitis?

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Practice Based Learning: Management of agitation in Autism Spectrum Disorder




Presented by Mohammed Shahnawaz MD (PGY1)


  • Elucidate Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) characteristics and prevalence of aggression
  • Discuss options for relieving agitation and aggression
  • Inform ourselves about pharmaceutical options to reduce aggressive behavior
  • Explore future study opportunities

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Practice Based Learning: Sharp Object Ingestion

David Greenky





By David Greenky MD (PGY1)

Foreign body Ingestion: General

  • At least 80% of foreign object ingestions will pass on their own
  • Surgical intervention is needed ~12% of the time
  • Vast majority of cases are pediatric, and most between ages of 6 m – 6 y
  • Trouble happens most often at GI angles or narrowing
  • Previous surgery and congenital malformations = greater risk

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