Practice Based Learning: Does pulmicort (budesonide) help in croup?

Casey Ward, MD

Presented by Casey Ward, MD

Key points:

  • In doses of 1-4 mg, budesonide does not affect markers of systemic corticosteroid activity
  • Budesonide is better than placebo at preventing admission for croup in mild to moderate cases
  • Patients treated with epinephrine have significantly less stridor than those treated with budesonide
  • Children treated with dexamethasone and nebulized budesonide have better clinical response than those treated with dexamethasone and nebulized saline

Bottom line:

Epinephrine and dexamethasone are still the gold standards for treatment of stridor at rest in children with croup. Budesonide is a safe drug. In doses 4 mg or below, there does not appear to be any systemic steroid effect.  The evidence is not conclusive whether budesonide helps in an additive fashion when used with dexamethasone or epinephrine.


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